ZTE unveils top 10 Telecommunications trends


ZTE Corporation, a publicly-listed global provider of telecommunications equipment, network solutions and mobile devices, is pleased to offer the company’s perspectives on the key trends that will shape telecommunications and enterprise technology in 2014, as rapid growth of pervasive mobile networked services present new opportunities and challenges for operators and businesses globally.

In the ICT Development Trends 2014: Embracing the Era of Mobile-ICT report, ZTE’s inaugural annual industry outlook, the company presented 10 key trends that will usher in an exciting new era of mobile-empowered growth. ZTE believes that increasingly accessible mobile services will fundamentally transform how consumers communicate, shop and manage their finances, while enabling enterprises to provision applications and services with greater productivity and efficiency. In short, ZTE believes mobility will evolve from being a tool for simply delivering voice and data service, into a catalyst that changes how people live and work.

In the Mobile-ICT era, ZTE posits that service ubiquity and user experience will be the two main motifs as operators and enterprises leverage mobile technology to deliver innovations in finance, transportation, energy, education and health care.

Further information about the 10 key trends report

1. Seamless mobile access
2. Smarter, more flexible and wearable Mobile Devices
3. Anytime, anywhere
4. Rapid growth of enterprise mobile applications
5. Scalable Bandwidth
6. Intelligent cloud-based networks
7. New traffic-based business models
8. Symbiotic digital ecosystem
9. Blurring of the physical and digital worlds
10. Increased network security challenges


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