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Yves Bollanga, grew up in Cameroon, then moved to France, where he graduated with an MBA from the University of Francois Rabelais of Tours.

Bollanga started his career as a computer Engineer for IBM where he spent over 12 years.

At the tender age of 30, together with a childhood friend, Constant Nemale, they created the first pan-African Television channel, 3A TELESUD, which is available all over Europe and Africa via cable and satellite network.

In 2005, Bollanga convinced DISH Network, a fortune 500, second largest satellite operator in the US with more than 20 million household viewers, of the existence of a vibrant and viable African market, which lead to the launch of the first African Television channel on a major US platform.

In 2008, he founded Soundview Africa, a company whose core business is to manage and distribute African TV channels in North America. The same year he launched his second channel nationwide in the US, Afrotainment Movies available on Channel 751 on DISH network, the channel is dedicated to Broadcast African Movies 24/7.

Afrotainment Movies is the first channel of the Afrotainment Family of Channels.

In 2009 Bollanga launched Afrotainment Music, the second Television channel of the Afrotainment Family available on DISH Network 667 and dedicated to broadcast African Music 24/7. The same year, he assisted Constant Nemale with the start-up and launch of Africa24, the first and only 24/7 African News Channel.

Bollanga convinced DISH Network to launch Africa24 Nationwide in the US under the umbrella of Soundview Africa.

In 2010, Soundview Africa, signed distribution agreement to launch 2 more channels in the US on DISH Network, a Nigerian Channel HITV and an Ethiopian Channel EBS.

In 2011, he created Afrotainment Plus. He signed a distribution agreement to launch Optimum Cablevision, with more than 3.5 million household viewers.


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