York Zucchi


York Zucchi is an African Investor, Entrepreneur, and GIBS Alumni originally from Switzerland and educated around the world.

Zucchi has been in the corporate world for some 13 years working across many countries and different companies.

About five years ago he started to sense that the eyes of the business world were starting to turn to Africa and so three and a half years ago, he decided to quit his position at Goldman Sachs and move to South Africa to start his own business.

After making tons of mistakes, he finally found the right gears and thanks to a great team and in part due to the enormous potential that Africa has to offer his companies in Healthcare, IT, Education and Bookkeeping. The healthcare business is on track to become Africa’s leading healthcare services group.

Zucchi has a BA Hons from EBS in London, a couple of business courses under his belt from many parts of the world and completed an MBA in Entrepreneurship from GIBS, Johannesburg, South Africa.


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