Turkish electronics sector seeks SA partners


A delegation from Turkey’s rapidly-growing electronics sector will travel to South Africa this month on a trade mission aimed at cultivating partnerships with South African importers, distributors, agents, retailers and wholesalers.

Under the auspices of the Istanbul Electrical – Electronics, Machinery and Information Technology Exporter’s Association (TET), representatives of 15 leading companies in the electronics, electrical and cabling sector will meet local businesses in Sandton, Johannesburg, on 31 October.

Boasting advantages of an advanced electronics sector, significant R&D spend and central geographical location, Turkey is proactively expanding its export programme and making inroads into the world’s electronics and electro-technology industries.

Fatih Kemal Ebiclioglu, President of the Istanbul Electrical – Electronics, Machinery and Information Technology Exporter’s Association (TET), says Turkey’s electrical, electronics and IT sectors have realised record growth in recent years, with total global exports now exceeding $12 billion. “In line with the goals of the Joint Economic Committee (JEC) between Turkey and South Africa and the agreement between Turkey’s Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK) and the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this trade mission seeks to develop closer ties with South African business,” he said.

With South Africa Turkey’s most important trading partner in Africa, bilateral trade volume reached approximately $1.6 billion in 2012.

Aiming to build on these good relations, the delegation comprises representatives from a number of suppliers of telecommunications and power technologies. Included among them are:

· ABB – producer of transformers and transformer components

· AIM ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES CO. – an R&D firm focused on energy storage technologies including battery systems

· ATOM CABLE – a leading electrical cable manufacturer

· EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK – a leading electromechanical product manufacturer

· ELEKTRA ELEKTRONIK – a manufacturer of transformers, reactors and energy quality solution

· EMEK ELEKTRIK ENDÜSTRISI – manufacturer of transformers, switches and capacitors

· ETK CABLE CO. – a cable manufacturing specialist

· EUROPOWER ENERGY AND AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES IND. TRADE CO. – producer of energy technologies including switchgears, transformer substations and distributor panels

· GES GENERAL ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS LTD. CO. – manufacturer of electrical panels including distribution panels and automation panels

· HES KABLO – a maker of copper, fibre optic, power and high voltage power cables

· ONAIR MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS AND BROADCASTING SYSTEMS LTD. – experts in the design and manufacture of FM and TV broadcasting equipment

· RENKSAN LIGHTING COMPANY – a leading manufacturer of commercial and consumer lighting fixtures and components

· SAHRA CABLE – a major cable manufacturer and exporter

· VESTEL TRADE CO. – a worldwide producer of white and brown goods

South African businesses can arrange private one-on-one meetings with their Turkish counterparts on 31 October 2013 in Sandton by emailing Wilna Lindes at wilna@tradeprojects.co.za < '; document.write(''); document.write(addy_text60243); document.write('<\/a>‘); //–>\n > .

Participation is free to accredited companies.

For more information on the Turkish companies click here: http://bit.ly/16xkeph


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