Tonee Ndungu


Tonee Ndungu, born in Kenya, built his first organization, an NGO, when he was 25 years old and raised Ksh4 million to go around schools in Kenya talking to teenagers about leadership.

Ndungu built his first company a few years later with his friends – it failed.

Ndungu built another one, an ICT Incubator and raised €5 Million for 5 years for it.

When Ndungu sold it to move to another, they had just signed a $1 Million incubation partnership agreement with the World Bank.

Ndungu working on an innovative and African entity, Kytabu.

Ndungu greatest inspiration and most human story is his education.

Ndungu, born dyslexic, went through the Kenyan learning system, both primary and high school, listening to audio-books on tapes or trailing in class.

Ndungu’s inability to absorb information like his peers was his tether and spring board.

Ndungu is now a respected innovation architect in the Kenyan IT space.

Ndungu offers his story as an inspiration world over.

Ndungu has two Degrees – International Relations and Journalism and an Organizational Development MsC.


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