The 5 types of online shoppers and how to approach them


Retailers and marketers must be well-aware of the way customers shop. Understanding of the client’s shopping habits is the key factor that can help adjusting the strategy and gaining more clients. What influences customers shopping behaviour?

By observing shopping habits of online clients, it is possible to distinguish 5 popular types of shoppers.

Social shopper
Social shopper knows everything and shares everything. He’s an active user of shopping forums and comparison websites, reads and creates product reviews. Regularly rates online shops on Facebook. Buys online only at those shops that value customer’s opinion and allow to leave a comment or opinion after the purchase. Enjoys writing with online consultant on a live chat, asking multiple questions or commenting on the shop’s social media platforms. He’s very dedicated when writing his product reviews and very detailed about the item’s flaws.
How to turn this shopper into buyer? Engage in social media, but do it wisely. Allow an option to share customer experience, offer impeccable customer service and let them know their opinions are of value.

ASAP client
ASAP shoppers always need everything asap. At the last moment he’d remember that he needs an outfit for tomorrow’s party or a tent for camping. This type is interested in speedy checkout process and fast reliable delivery – time is all that matters. These information is what he’s after when browsing an online shop. Time is priority, so he’ll be fully satisfied with 24h delivery straight to his doorstep. He’d expect regular notification about the order status. If he gets everything on time, he might turn into a regular customer.
How to persuade them to come back? Offer speedy 24h delivery – be quick, reliable, and right on time.

Bargain hunter
Natural born discount hunter, his life goal is to save money online by using discount codes or by participating in flash sale events. Professional bargain hunters will always search for a coupon on a desired product in some well-known places: Picodi coupon code site, deal websites, shop’s social media platforms, newsletters or forums. Every successful use of a coupon is treated as a private victory. He waits for the right moment to buy – after devoting some time to learn about the retailer, he knows where to expect an opportunity to save.
How to gain this customer – offer discounts, host sale events. Special promo codes dedicated to loyal customers will increase your number of regular clients.

Basket abandoner
This type is an online equivalent of a client who enters your store just to “try it on and see if it fits”. Browses online shops for hours, admires latest collections and new arrivals. Clicks “add to basket” every time he likes an item… his shopping list constantly grows. In the end, he’s quite reluctant to enter the next shopping stage and go to checkout. Leaves the basket and very often forgets about it.
How to convince this shopper to complete the purchase? By, let’s say, offering an incentive. Send him a notification saying there’s a coupon on his abandoned basket. This quite popular method proved to be very successful.

Spontaneous shopper
Spontaneous purchase decision is what distinguishes this type of customers. He has hands-on experience in online shopping as he does it a few times per week. The problem is that great majority of impulsively purchased products are returned back to the store. He is very well-educated when it comes to shop’s terms and conditions and return policy. He buys a lot and returns a lot.

You cannot just change his shopping pattern, you must always accept returned products with a smile, hoping something will eventually stick around for longer than a day or two. Impulsive shoppers are not that bad – from time to time, he will find exactly what he was looking for.




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