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When I was just 7 years old I asked my mother to buy me a PlayStation, the words that she said to me still give me nightmares to this very day.

The following day she took me to the library and got me my first library card and I believe that is when the reading bug bit me.

Reading gave birth to imagination and that led me to writing Soweto Love Follies.

Soweto Love Follies, which means Soweto Love Foolishness.

When I look at my life and the decisions I made I realize that it’s not what I did that is important but is how I was thinking at the time of the decision. One can smile and be happy all the time while having thoughts from the depths of hell. In retrospect that’s what kills more people than drugs or alcohol.

Negative thoughts turn sheep into lions, fathers into abusers, little pretty girls into ladies of the night.

Likes a tornado it flips the tables and leaves the whole house in shambles. There is no good or bad, just actions and consequences, which are brought into fruition by our thoughts.

If you feeling depressed try not to think of doing something stupid, just calm down and rethink your strategy or you might up doing something that might break your life and make you lose your mind. As we all know, life has its highs and lows, I think it’s like a drug, one moment you high on it the next you are just a regular Joe.

This is exactly what inspired the writing of this tome, the unique understanding that life has its ups and downs. I chose to talk about those ups and downs related to love. To say to the reader that there some hidden things in love, things that we should question but decide to ignore.

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Thabo Ledimo, Soweto Love Follies Author 



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