South Africa’s Green Economy plan gets major boost


The Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme (MCEP) has approved 436 entities with the investment value of ZAR13.1 billion and helped to sustain 116 497 jobs throughout South Africa since its inception in May 2012.

This was announced by the South African Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies on 14 November 2013, at the MCEP stakeholder engagements that was held at Sandton, South Africa.

The purpose of the meeting was to explain the programme and advice how best companies can benefit from the programme.

The MCEP offers a number of incentives designed to drive growth and promote competitiveness in the manufacturing sector. The programme includes a package of incentives specifically designed for established manufacturers with the aim of promoting competitiveness and retaining jobs.

Minister Davies said that embracing Green Manufacturing and the opportunities offered by the Green Economy can assist industries to stay competitive as the green economy is one of the six key job drivers identified in the new Growth Path and that government has moved towards supporting green economy innovations.

“One of the key components of MCEP is the Green Technology and Resource Efficiency Improvement. The objective of this component is to support projects with green technology upgrades and business development activities that will lead to cleaner production and Resource Efficiency,” added Davies.

He told the gathering that South African manufacturing industry can gain a competitive edge and increase exports by encouraging and supporting the Green Economy processes in the sector.

“Out of the 436 entities that have been approved since the launch of the MCEP, 26 entities for a total grant of about ZAR274.7 million are green manufacturing related. Large export oriented companies that have been at the forefront of investment in green manufacturing have projected an investment to the value of ZAR727. 4 billion and that 43 784 jobs will be sustained as a result of these investments,” stated Davies.

The Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme (MCEP) provides the framework for improved competitiveness by offering key benefits to help businesses meet challenges relating to poor market demand, high input costs, including electricity and transportation) cheap imports and economic uncertainty.


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