SA’s Planet Fitness gets Integr8’s ICT support


One of South Africa’s popular health club, Planet Fitness, has utilised Integr8, to maintain a strong, sustainable national technology framework in support of its growth.

Integr8 will provide national support to 23 locations across South Africa and infrastructure management of Planet Fitness entire network.

Integr8 has a dedicated team of technical engineers and a service delivery manager to monitor and manage the organisation across all operations, and in all locations, in order to ensure redundant connectivity and maximum levels of performance.

Executive management at Planet Fitness confirms that Integr8 is an invaluable partner in the rollout of its national development plan.

This plan involves the successful entry into the KwaZulu Natal market and the establishment of a number of world class fitness centres within all major growth areas of the country.

Robert Sussman, joint CEO, Integr8, says that its client has undergone a steady and effective transformation from a modest-sized operation to a thriving enterprise and established business.

“There are similarities between Integr8 and Planet Fitness. We have both worked tirelessly to establish and grow a successful brand. We understand that South Africa remains a brand-conscious market and it is for this reason that every effort is made to support its growth with unfailing technology, reliable service and support,” adds Sussman.


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