SAS celebrates 20 business years in South Africa


SAS celebrates its 20th anniversary in South Africa this year.

SAS South Africa has also grown their number of employees from their time of inception in 1996.

To celebrate this success, SAS recently hosted an anniversary function, where it honoured the three employees and 36 customers who have been with the company since the beginning.

“SAS has been at the forefront of advanced analytics software for nearly 40 years; over this time, we’ve witnessed exponential change in the industry. Where technology once evolved in linear steps and we could see change happening a few years in advance, it’s now evolving in exponential steps, forcing us to plan for the unknown. Growth is difficult to quantify because we’re operating in a disruptive age that’s constantly evolving – and it’s an exciting space to be in. Big data has also evolved. We’re no longer only managing subsets of structured data, but massive volumes of data from unstructured sources like social media and sensors. SAS has been tracking this evolution and has kept pace with it, and we are well positioned to capture a large portion of the growth that the IDC forecasts over the next five years,” says Desan Naidoo, SAS South Africa Managing Director.

“Our advanced solutions of the past would run analyses in hours; our high-performance solutions of today do even more complicated processing in minutes, if not seconds, despite the fact that data is coming in from different sources, in different formats, and in larger volumes. We’ve seen a complete shift, from asking questions and answering them with data, to finding questions within data that we never thought to ask before,” says Naidoo.


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