SANRAL urges road users to buy e-tags


SANRAL has welcomed OUTA’s decision to abandon its court action to the Constitutional Court following their loss at the Supreme Court of Appeal
“Sanity has prevailed. We trust people will respect the integrity of the judiciary and value its independence. We urge people to obtain their e-tags and register their vehicles in order to enjoy the discounts,” says Vusi Mona, the General Manager of Communications at SANRAL.

Three courts – Constitutional Court, Gauteng High Court and the Supreme Court of Appeal have ruled on this matter confirming SANRAL’s view that infrastructure upgrades on the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project complied with all the legal processes, including extensive consultation since Cabinet approved the project in 2007.

“We can now focus our attention on implementing open road tolling so that we ease the congestion problems on our freeways and support economic growth. It’s time to move on and work together in improving our road infrastructure. We hope the likes of OUTA will join us this national endeavour,” adds Mona.


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