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The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) is urging motorists in Gauteng to obtain their e-tags ahead of the introduction of e-tolling on the province’s national road network.

This comes after the Minister of Transport Dipuo Peters announced plans by the Department of Transport to publish the tariffs for e-tolls soon and that tolling would commence before the end of this year.

SANRAL spokesman Vusi Mona said government had shown commitment to tolling as part of its transport policy and it was now the turn of law-abiding motorists to do the same.

“Getting an e-tag fitted in your vehicle will also ensure that you receive the built-in discounts, up to 48% when using the e-roads. To avoid a last-minute rush of motorists getting e-tags ahead of toll commencement, we are encouraging motorists to register and obtain their e-tags,” says Mona.

He said there were already individual motorists and fleet operators who had registered.

“Getting registered and obtaining an e-tag is easy and now only a few clicks, a call or steps away.

This can be done by visiting participating Checkers, CNA, Pick n Pay, Shoprite or Spar stores or one can register online at Also, registration can take place by phone call to 0800 SANRAL (726 725), a fax to 0800 SANRAL (726 725), or by visiting one of SANRAL’s customer service outlets at malls, as well as along the Gauteng e-roads or the Mobile registration point across Gauteng.

While the e-tag can be obtained at a cost of R49.95, the R49.95 is credited to the e-toll account holder’s account, once registered, which makes the e-tag effectively free.

The e-tag serves as an electronic transponder and must be fitted on the windscreen of the vehicle. When the vehicle passes beneath one of the overhead gantries on the toll highway the e-tag is recognised and a transaction is automatically recorded. Open road tolling means that there will be no toll plazas on the road which slow down traffic or result in long queues.

“An e-tag has the benefit of being linked to a specific vehicle number plate, which means that vehicles with duplicate or cloned number plates will be easily identified. This is just but one of the benefits of the technology we are using. The days of license number plate duplication are numbered. The technology also allows us to see the flow of traffic on the e-roads from a control centre and to respond to incidents on the highway speedily,” says Mona.

“It is important to remember that the payment of toll is required by law. The gantries will pick up the license plate number of those vehicles without e-tags and bills will be sent to their owners”.

There are a number of payment options available to registered account holders. An account holder can make payments online, through the e-toll website or their bank, or through cash, credit card or debit card transactions at SANRAL customer service outlets. The account holder can also choose from automatic processes, by setting up a debit order that will top up the e-toll account automatically when a minimum balance has been reached or by simply linking the e-toll account to a credit card, whereby e-toll transactions are rolled up daily and deducted from the credit card, once a day.

“Tolling has ensured the construction of a world-class road network which forms the backbone of the Gauteng economy. The benefits of this road are there for all to see. As sensible citizens, our role is now to contribute to the repayment of the debt we raised to build the road and to ensure that the road is properly maintained through our toll fees,” he concluded.


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