Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa reacts to High Court Judgement


The Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa (NIASA) has noted the judgment handed down by the Western Cape High court, on 26 April 2017, in review of Earth life’s challenge to the nuclear new build programme.

“As an industry we respect the courts judgment. We look to the Department of Energy for guidance on the matter and will take their lead on the next course of action,” says Knox Msebenzi, Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa Managing Director.

As a principal statement, we have always maintained that transparency, fair trade and following correct procedures are critical foundations necessary to implementing a successful new build programme.

Our members who include all vendor countries have signed a declaration to respect the law of South Africa and committed to a fair and transparent process.

It is however critical to note that the court has made no determinations and judgement on the argument for Nuclear but rather reviewed procedures followed since the inception of the project.

The reality is that nuclear technology is not new to the country; therefore we have a solid foundation to base the new proposed new build programme from. It is also not a case of either or; when comparing or reviewing the Integrated Resource & Energy Plans of government, but about nuclear being afforded its rightful place within the energy mix and future of the country. This will guarantee baseload power necessary for industrialization and climate change commitments. Undisputed is that nuclear is the most environmentally friendly option a facts proved through various international studies. It allows us to keep in line with reducing carbon and keeping production costs down.

As much as the high courts judgement has also set aside the memorandum of Agreements with various countries, as South Africa we do require a platform for exchange of best practice with other Asian, American, French and German counterparts, including the BRICS nations who have created high technology industries, driven by their nuclear programmes.

“The argument for nuclear technology is undisputed and supported by scientific research, equally so we respect our democracy and the need for correct process and procedure,” concludes Msebenzi.


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