Mohammed Dewji


Mohammed Dewji is the Group Chief Executive Officer of Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Ltd (METL).

The METL Group, which employs more than 24 000 people across Tanzania and contributed to 3% of the country’s GDP, has diverse interests in agriculture, manufacturing, energy, petroleum, financial services, mobile telephony, infrastructure, real estate, and transport and logistics.

Dewji, born in Tanzania, is ranked in Forbes list of Africa’s richest people.

When the Tanzanian government decided to privatize loss-making state assets in the early 2000s, Dewji acquired them on the cheap and turned them profitable using lean management.

Dewji was elected as a Member of Parliament in the National Assembly of Tanzania in 2005.
He was re-elected in 2010.

Dewji is the sole sponsor of Taifa, a Tanzanian football club.

Dewji studied international business and finance, with a minor in theology at Georgetown University.

Dewji became the first Tanzanian to grace the Forbes Africa magazine front cover.

Dewji net worth is over $500 million.


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