Mediamark named Vodacom Strategic Digital Channel Partner


Vodacom On the Line has announced Mediamark as a Strategic Sales Channel Partner representing its Mobile and App channels, including SMS, Please Call Me, MMS; Video and other advertising products.

South Africa truly is a mobile nation, boasting over 80 million mobile connections and approximately 150% penetration into the addressable market.

Mobile reaches more people on a daily basis than all of the other digital mediums combined, with consumers spending on average, 3 hours per day accessing the internet via their mobile phones.

Vodacom reaches the lion’s share of the market with over 33 Million Subscribers, this provides Mediamark with unparalleled access to a plethora of mobile users across the country.

“We are delighted to be entering into this partnership with Vodacom as it provides us with a foothold in the mobile market which we have not truly had to date. We look forward to working with our clients to leverage this opportunity and provided additional value to our offerings,” says Mark Botha, Mediamark Head of Digital.

Mobile phones play a vital role in people’s lives, sometimes being the only voice communications device; their payment channel and means of accessing news and information. Growth in web traffic globally has grown from 0.7% to 38.5% in the last 7 years.  The question is, are brands and agencies in Africa leveraging the mobile play effectively?

“Advertisers are no longer looking for ‘paint by numbers’ media plans, but rather integrated and holistic solutions that will add value to their media plans and result in a tangible ROI. The scale of mobile audiences that the Vodacom partnership brings together with Mediamark’s world class selection of Radio, Web, and TV properties puts us in a perfect position to offer truly Multi-Platform solutions that will move the needle” enthuses Botha.

Life without mobile phones is difficult to imagine, they have become an integral part in everyone’s daily lives and the fastest and easiest way to reach your customer.  However, mobile does not work on its own from a marketing perspective but plays an integral role in the customer journey.

“With the addition of Vodacom, Mediamark is now a true multi-channel media solutions partner.  In a world where the consumer increasingly demands instant gratification from a marketing campaign, the Vodacom partnership provides us with audience scale that will amplify advertiser campaigns and complement our existing offerings,” concludes Werner Lindemann, Mediamark Managing Director.




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