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Ever since its inception in February 2013 Hudlr, the audience and demographic mapping tool built by the Amorphous New Media Group, has grown in leaps and bounds.

In one short year it has provided customised mapping and data solutions to an array of clients and continues to provide customised solutions to companies in various industries.

The ability to pull information from a database of 23 million financially active South Africans has proven to be an invaluable source for marketers looking to broadcast a specific message to a specific segment of the market.

“2013 was a busy year for us. We introduced new services to the Hudlr family and the original product offerings underwent numerous demand-led innovations. This enabled Hudlr to meet the ever-evolving needs of a market place which is driven and shaped by data. In this way, Hudlr has seen various applications and modifications of its services in accordance with clients¹ distinct and individual needs,” says Laurie Sloan, Hudlr Business Development Manager.

Some of the exciting projects we have been working on are:

• CTM, South Africa¹s largest tile and sanitary ware retailer, wanted to understand who lives around each of their stores so that they could target them with offers that better suited their budget and lifestyle. Hudlr managed this by conducting an Audience Mapping exercise and gave CTM a demographic breakdown report of the people surrounding each store, within a determined radius. This enabled store managers to better understand their local clientele and ensure the correct offers, products, promotions and even sales people ­ are available to these customers.

• The Primedia Lifestyle Group is a Primedia Unlimited subsidiary that delivers marketing excellence to over 35 Shopping centres nationwide, ranging from Convenience Centres to Super-Regionals. They approached Hudlr to assist with their newest venture, Cradlestone Mall in Muldersdrift. Primedia wanted a better understanding of who lives in close proximity to the mall, knowing this would enable them to attract more feet (and wallets) through the doors. After conducting Mapping Analysis, the information was used by mall managers and tenants alike to conduct ongoing Geo-messaging campaigns that targeted specific demographic profiles, depending on the promotion. A Geo-message is a Hudlr feature which allows clients to send sms and email messages to a selected demographic profile.

• TBWA Hunt Lascaris Cape Town engaged with us to look for more of the 똱ight-kind-of-people¹ to browse the aisles of the stores of their client, men’s fashion retailer celio*. Using Hudlr, celio* were able to cherry-pick the most likely individuals to make a purchase and sent them a message telling them about a fantastic 50% off sale happening at Celio on the month-end weekend. Celio confirmed that a number of shoppers said they came in store as a result of seeing the message.

• Volvo Cars SA ran a 4 hour VAT-BACK sale in December 2013. Customers were given a 14% discount off the purchase of any Volvo during those 4 hours. Hudlr geo targeted people within a certain radius of Volvo dealerships, enticing them with a SMS message to visit their nearest Volvo dealer and take advantage of the amazing limited time offer.

• With Neotel, our combination of locational and demographic targeting really proved its worth. The aim was to generate leads for Neotel in areas that had network coverage and then localise those areas to seek leads within a desirable customer profile. These customers were sent Geo-Messages informing them that they were in a particularly good network coverage area. This, together with a compelling offer from Neotel, resulted in a huge response, so much so that the call centre was flooded with enquires.

“These case studies show how Hudlr Geo-Messages can be used for a multitude of purposes and applications that are wholly shaped by the client¹s individual needs and objectives. Whatever the client¹s marketing aim, Hudlr has a data-driven solution to achieve it,” concludes Sloan.


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