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January 24th, 2018
Lesego Serolong

Lesego Serolong

Lesego Serolong, Raise the Children International Co-founder and Chairwoman

Lesego Serolong is the Co-founder and Chairwoman of Raise the Children International, a registered non-profit organisation in South Africa, US and UK.

Serolong received her BA Degree at the City College of New York and Masters degree at the London School of Economics as a Standard Bank Derek Cooper Scholar.

After completing her studies, Lesego spent time abroad in Asia in impoverished communities exploring the ways in which entrepreneurship presents a sustainable way to lift whole communities economically and on a long-term scale.

She felt that rural communities in South Africa had the same potential to be transformed by social entrepreneurship.

After a year of research in remote Manyeledi and Tseoge villages in the North-West Province, South Africa which included an open forum, via town hall meetings, to discuss problems existing in the community and viable solutions, agriculture and entrepreneurship emerged as a multidimensional solution.

Raise the Children International identifies self-motivated orphans from impoverished and rural communities and mobilizes resources for these children to gain access to higher education that leads to employment and public service with a high return on social investment. ] She was recently given public recognition by President Jacob Zuma on June 16, as a young Achiever and Trailblazer.

In August of 2017, she won the Standard Bank Top women award. Her work has been recognized by the University of South Africa, the Mail & Guardian in their 200 Young South Africans and the Standard Bank 2017 Woman of the Year.

An honorary Golden Key Award was bestowed upon Serolong by the University of Pretoria in October of 2017 for her servant leadership and work in developing South African youth.

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