Laolu Senbanjo


Laolu Senbanjo, born in Ilorin, Nigeria, became a lawyer first prior to pursuing a career in art and music.

After several years of spending all his free time and money creating art and music, Senbanjo decided to switch careers to become a full-time artist.

He admits that the path he chose was not easy or filled with a high paying salary but firmly beleieved it was his destiny.

Senbanjo’s art is called, Afromysterics, a term I coined in 2007, which means, the mystery of the African thought pattern.

Throughout the African continent, he is regarded as a Pioneer and Leader in the Afrofuturism movement.

“I consider it my duty to keep creating and to continue to push boundaries.  It transcends art mediums and is also the expression of these thoughts and mysteries into music, vocals and sounds. All of my work is heavily influenced by my Yoruba heritage and often related to the environment I find myself in. I love to travel so you will often see my travels reflected in my work.”

“I am a passionate activist and you will notice how most of my works have social justice ideologies woven throughout. You will notice feminism, women and children are often present and common themes in my work, this is because of my work as Human Rights Lawyer in Nigeria I was impacted by the strength girls and women have shown me. I weave stories throughout the lines and patterns in my works.”

Senbanjo is a self-taught Visual Artist and Musician. His preferred medium is charcoal, although he uses other mediums as well.

Senbanjo often creates art based on the songs he writes.

He is influenced by the likes of Fela Kuti, Sade and King Sunny Ade.

Artistically I am often compared to Twin Seven-Seven.

Senbanjo uses spends his career in Nigeria, Brooklyn and New York.


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