Kwikspace to provide accommodation for new acid plant


The Canadian Mining outfit of Dundee Precious Metals (DPM) has started work on a N$2.3 billion acid plant, which the mine says will eliminate the sulphur dioxide emissions in Tsumeb and at the same time create a viable by-product, sulphuric acid, that could be sold to other mines operating in Namibia.

Kwikspace Modular Buildings, in partnership with Pupkewitz Megatech, has been contracted to provide six office space units (54 sqm each in size) for the inception phase. This R2 million project has a turnaround time of only 4 weeks, with completion at the end of July 2013, and provides valuable space for key decision makers working at the mine. Kwikspace office units are loaded onto trucks from Cape Town and transported 2000 kilometre’s to Tsumeb where they are offloaded and commissioned within three hours.

The smelter is one of only a few in the world which is able to treat arsenic and lead bearing copper concentrates and is a major custom smelter with brown-fields expansion potential.

Comments Leon Du Plessis, Kwikspace Regional Sales Manager Western Cape; “This project and the previous ones on the smelter, has showcased our ability and professionalism to partner with major industry role players. Kwikspace’s quick turnaround time and quality of product and service has ensured that we are the partner of choice for the mining industry”.


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