Kimi Makwetu to deliver 2019 Brand Summit South Africa keynote address


The 2019 Brand Summit South Africa is preparing for a keynote address by the much-respected Auditor-General, Kimi Makwetu.

The 2019 Brand Summit South Africa will be hosted from 6 to 7 June 2019 at The Forum in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

The annual Brand Summit South Africa is a think tank on positioning options and requirements for country brands, with South Africa at the centre of our deliberations. It explores ways in which South Africa can best position itself to compete favourably against its regional and global peers for FDI, Business Tourism, lucrative multilaterally funded Research Projects, fee paying foreign tertiary students, consideration to serve as a preferred regional base for global corporations and other organisations that bring foreign exchange, skills and expertise.

“New to the 2019 Brand Summit South Africa is a dedicated discussion focussing on the audit profession. The quality and integrity of the auditing profession play important roles in shaping the domestic and global image of South Africa. Fund Managers and investors of all kinds will look at the ethics that drive this profession in their determination of whether or not to trust South Africa as a credible destination for their money. It is for this reason that professional bodies and practitioners of this profession are being encouraged to attend and take part in these discussions. Also new is a panel discussion by a diverse group of “Leaders of the Future”, dynamic South Africans under the age of 35, to discuss the 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution) and what, in their views, it really means for South Africa,” explains Solly Moeng, Brand Summit South Africa Convenor.

Auditor-General Makwetu’s keynote address will touch on the importance of values-driven and ethical leadership in managing public funds, as well as the role of the auditing profession in shaping the domestic and global image of South Africa.

“As an organisation that encourages personal and institutional brands that are driven by ethical and value-driven leadership, we look forward to sharing our experiences at the summit, as well as learning from others who have fascinating brand journeys that will empower us and our long-term strategies as we start navigating the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its challenges,” says Makwetu.

Over the next few years, the Brand Summit South Africa will be merged with the Pan-African Africa Brand Summit that will be incubated in South Africa before being opened-up to host city bids from around the African continent.


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