June Arunga


June Arunga, born in Kenya is the CEO of Open Quest Media.

Arunga has a Law Degree from the University of Buckingham.

Arunga is Founder and President of Open Quest Media, a company that develops digital tools that profitably flatten the information asymmetries and transaction costs in the continent’s informal trading networks and industries and leverages this expertise to increase individual clients’ profitability and competitiveness through the tailor-made automation of business processes.

Arunga speaks regularly on globalization and development issues.

Arunga is a founding equity partner at BSL SA, a technology solution provider in the fields of mobile based payments and money transfer, with strong focus on the African market.

It was founded in 2007 to answer the needs of a largely unbanked African population that have not been addressed by the traditional banking model. The Company is headquartered in Accra, Ghana.

Arunga is also Chairperson at Open Quest Media Foundation, a new organization with a focus on trade and property rights advocacy.


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