Juliana Rotich


Juliana Rotich serves as the Program Director of Ushahidi and also serves as its Executive Director.

Rotich is originally from Kenya where she spent her early life and schooling. She later moved to the US where she majored in IT and has worked in the industry for over ten years.

She collaborated with the online community and co-founded Ushahidi which is the Swahili word for testimony.

Ushahidi is a web based reporting system that utilizes crowdsourced data to formulate visual map information of a crisis on a real-time basis. As a Program Director for Ushahidi she manages projects and aids in the development and testing of the Ushahidi platform.

She also blogs at Afromusing’ blog, typically with a focus on African tech and renewable energy.

Rotich is a budding African Futurist and a TED Senior Fellow. She often speaks at international conferences about technology in Africa.

Rotich is a blogger, digital activist and environment editor of Global Voices Online.

Rotich served as the Data Analyst at Hewitt Associates in Chicago and has solid experience as a citizen journalist.

Rotich is a Startingbloc Social Innovation fellow with a passion for non-profit work that involves technology.


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