JSE hosts second Annual #SheInvests conference


The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) successfully hosted its second annual #JSESheInvests conference in celebration of Women’s Month. The conference aims to improve gender representation amongst investors, as well as to empower, educate and support women who want to achieve financial freedom through investing on the stock market.

Hosted at the JSE in Sandton, it was attended by over 300 women of different ages from various industries such as finance, property, technology and digital marketing. The conference was themed Let’s Invest in Each Other with speakers sharing how women can invest in themselves and each other, make their money work for them and invest in their children.

Tailored to the female investor, this year’s event explored various aspects of the investment journey such as  knowing what kind of an investor you are, understanding investment risks and rewards, investing together and in each other, pay parity, demystifying investing, interrogating assumptions as well as the importance of starting early.

The conference encouraged women to gather as much information about investing before making a choice, and  once clear on what they are not willing to compromise on when choosing which business to invest in, it becomes much easier to narrow down companies that are aligned to one’s value systems such as whether the listed companies are socially responsible, environmentally friendly, digitally or tech savvy and have organic innovations.

“This has become an iconic event and this year was very well attended. The value that this event has delivered for women requires us to ensure that we continue to have the dialogues that financially empower women and share information on how to get in the game and invest. This event is really a platform that makes talking investments and wealth accessible and connects in a construct that works for women through social connections,” said Zanele Morrison, JSE Director of Marketing and Corporate Affairs.


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