Janngo raises seed funding to shape digital ecosystems in Africa


Janngo closes its first funding round, launches its Paris and Abidjan offices and unveils its strategy of building digital ecosystems in Africa during Paris Tech for Good Summit and Viva Technology.

This €1 million seed funding will enable Janngo to launch and grow new digital platforms targeting African SMEs while creating tech-enabled jobs at scale for women and youth.

“With Janngo, we want to empower African SMEs, leveraging technology to improve access to market and business performance. We build turnkey solutions to support their growth, access new market opportunities, build capacity, improve their productivity and boost their competitiveness,” explains Fatoumata Bâ, Janngo Founder and CEO.

Janngo closes a €1 million seed funding led by top-tier investors and opens offices in Paris and Abidjan

Janngo announces its first funding round to launch digital solutions tackling challenges faced by African SMEs. 

“We are excited to be leading Janngo’s first funding round as they embark on a journey of building world-class digital services for SMEs, at the backbone of african economies. With this investment, we demonstrate again our vision of enabling passionate entrepreneurs promoting innovation that make sense and creating a larger and long-term impact on the whole ecosystem. We have recently opened an office in Nairobi which illustrates our commitment and trust in Africa,” comments Benoît Leclercq, President of Pole Innovation Metiers of Mulliez Family.

“Clipperton supports Janngo since inception. It’s unusual for investment bankers to join a seed round but Janngo has achieved unanimous backing, a great testimony of the quality of their vision combined with the team’s track record and execution capabilities. We see them as a potential tech champion in Africa, in line with our core focus and positioning as technology experts for high growth tech companies with global ambitions,” explains Nicolas von Bulow, Clipperton Managing Partner.

“Soeximex Group is very proud to be backing Janngo. We were not only convinced by the relevance of their vision but also by the strong social component of their approach. Our African roots motivate us to endeavour to give back to this amazing continent, while contributing to build robust business models, capable of delivering economical performance for the ecosystem,” highlights Christel Dagher Hayeck, Senegalese-born Soeximex Director.

“We are extremely proud to have been able to bring together this quality of investors onboard, committed to delivering our vision of technology as a lever of betterment of our society. They come with a unique blend of expertise as leaders in their respective fields combined with a long term vision and commitment to Africa, a strong mission alignment and values fit, solid operational synergies and evergreen funding, particularly critical for Africa where patient capital is needed to deliver sustainable impact. The successful closing of our €1 million seed funding is only a first step towards delivering our long term vision,” adds Bâ.

Africa SME growth

African SMEs represent up to 17% of the GDP but face fragmented markets, prohibitively expensive operational costs, under optimized and non integrated supply chains with limited access to international markets, insufficient capacity and limited access to capital to scale their business; yet, they generate more than 85% of jobs on the continent, with major untapped opportunities. With fast growing markets such as Côte d’Ivoire consistently delivering a record 8% growth, a booming middle class, a continent home to more 1 million inhabitant cities than Europe already and mobile leapfrog pioneers such as Nigeria, with the highest number of mobile internet users worldwide.

“We strongly believe that our central thesis of being a technology-driven backer of African SMEs is a powerful lever to accelerate growth, owing to their preponderant role in the larger economy. That’s why Janngo mobilizes both technology and capital, providing solutions to grow their business, win additional markets, further build their capacity, accelerate their growth and enable their market expansion to ultimately become national, regional or pan-African champions,” explains Bâ.

Invest in startups and SMEs growth with an inclusive approach to boost employment creation and capacity building for women and youth

In a context where African countries are getting ready to tackle an unprecedented demographic challenge with more than 900 millions of jobs needed to absorb the growing labor pool by 2030, Janngo develops a double bottom-line approach boosting value creation from African start-ups and SMEs while contributing to the economic empowerment of women and youth.

“This is most likely our bigger challenge and best answer to the sense of urgency : create, via our platforms and our ecosystem of SMEs, directly and indirectly, qualified jobs at scale enabling as many women and young individual to earn their living with stable and recurring income. Many African countries are recording record high GDP growth at a global level but these numbers need to be translated into concrete improvement of population living conditions, higher disposable income and more job opportunities. If we manage, through Janngo, to generate long-term job opportunities at scale, especially for women and youth, while creating more opportunities for thousands of African SMEs in the coming years, then only we would be able to say that our mission is accomplished. It’s our North and the ciment of our team,” concludes Bâ.


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