Intelsat, Gilat unveils mobile reach solar 3G solution


Intelsat, operator of the world’s first globalized network and Gilat Satellite Networks, a satellite networking technology services company, announced today, 29 June 2017,  a joint managed services solution to provide 3G infrastructure in the most remote locations around the globe, where terrestrial services are not feasible.

“There is a massive transformation underway in the communications sector, as technology advancements make it more economical to connect the unconnected. The Mobile Reach Solar 3G service is an example of the market expansion that will be enabled by the higher power, more efficient services provided by our Intelsat EpicNG platform,” says Jean-Philippe Gillet, Intelsat Broadband Vice President and General Manager.

“One of satellite’s biggest advantages is the ability to easily reach areas where terrestrial connectivity is limited. Combining this with solar-based solutions means that our customers will be able to cost-effectively expand their networks.  As they do so, remote regions will enjoy the economic benefit that always accompanies digital inclusion. Our innovations are unlocking new applications and markets.”

“This turnkey solution includes a small cell form factor, a high performance VSAT and efficient use of bandwidth to reduce capital and installation costs, while mitigating deployment risks and driving immediate subscriber growth for the operator,” says Ron Levin, Gilat VP Global Accounts.

“Mobile Reach Solar 3G enables MNOs to allocate resources where they are needed most, whether they want to expand their network’s reach or improve the performance and quality of service for current subscribers.”


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