Incredible Connection conquers Africa’s broadband market


Incredible Connection has partnered with Maxwell Technology, a satellite-based Internet and data solutions provider, to provide affordable and reliable high-speed broadband connection to areas where there is limited or no data coverage. MaxConnect is now available at selected Incredible Connection stores countrywide.

MaxConnect is a broadband solution that is powered by Avanti Communications, a global satellite operator. It was specifically designed for SMEs and is ideally suited for the agricultural and hospitality industries.

Incredible Connection CEO Marco van Niekerk says their mission is to provide a diverse range of technology solutions to suit customer’s needs. “We certainly differentiate ourselves on the basis of exclusive and innovative products as well as providing excellent customer service and support.”

Satellites help overcome geographical barriers, terrestrial network limitations and other constraining infrastructure issues. Satellite broadband is the ideal solution for anyone with no access to other broadband alternatives.

Avanti’’s quality and flexibility allows innovative service providers like Maxwell to deliver reliable, high speed broadband services across the whole of South Africa, today, says Avanti COO Matthew O Connor.

Maxwell Technology Director Kallie Carlsen says advances in satellite technology have made it a very affordable solution for SMEs. “

“Satellites provide a flexible, universal, reliable as well as quickly deployable means to address a wide range of communications needs, especially in rural areas,” says Carlsen.

Maxconnect is perfect for customers who live in underserviced areas. Through Incredible Connection, customers can now select an always-on broadband package that suites their needs and their budget, no matter where they live in South Africa, concludes Carlsen.


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