iGlass stores launch in South Africa


Digital innovation company NXT\ has announced the launch of iGlass, a creative template that brands can use to revitalise their marketing and advertising campaigns.

iGlass creates interactive sales displays, turning a standard storefront window into a touch-screen: where consumers can buy products, get quotes, browse catalogues or brochures, and view and be alerted to product information.

The window display technology works with adhesive rear projection film. Images, video and dynamic media content are projected onto the storefront window – or mobile display, turning it into a TV screen. Music and sound effects are also possible add-ons.

The launch takes place in a highly competitive local retail environment, where growth has been slowing. There is increased pressure on retailers to boost sales, increase traffic and improve brand awareness.

The value to retailers include being able to promote their businesses at events and trade shows, in shop fronts, or as part of lobby displays.

The solution can be tailor-made to specific retailer needs: and cater for different glass or surface dimensions. The projectors can accommodate small surfaces up to large buildings.

Because of the unique gestures available on iGlass, it can also be used to play games designed and tailor made by the retailer, take part in competitions and importantly, share the company information socially on multiple platforms, including social media.

iGlass is targeted at retailers and landlords of properties with high foot traffic rates who want to draw more passing trade, but are facing traditional constraints in the retail space. These include limited shopping hours, limited floor space for displays, and increased rental space costs.

With iGlass retailers will be able to ‘maximize their real estate’: customers will be able to shop in their stores 24/7.

“The vision and strategy is to enable retailers to combine the best of digital interactivity and ‘always on’ culture with the familiarity and tangible benefits of the traditional retail environment,“ says Wayne Levine, CEO of NXT\.
iGlass is distinct from traditional digital advertising mediums due to its interactivity: and NXT’s vision is to create a shopping platform that extends beyond the installation itself.

Among the planned phases for development is the introduction of an application that will enable consumers to interact with any store that uses the technology, and transmits information from iGlass to themselves, or share with their friends on social media.

NXT\ also plans to introduce QR code technology that will enable a virtual shopping experience for consumers using iGlass – as they will be able to use a mobile phone to read the code, which will then direct them to the respective retailer’s mobile site, allowing them to make purchases or conduct transactions on the spot or in the privacy of their homes at a later stage. The use of QR codes will also enable retailers to generate customer leads.

NXT\ will produce interfaces tailor-made to the specific retailer, and can also be used by other sectors, from transport stations, to real estate companies, to educational facilities and government agencies.

iGlass is affordable to retailers of any size and can be cost-effectively scaled across multiple outlets. It is easy to install and is completely maintained and updated by NXT\ – including the introduction of a reporting platform that account for its usage and contribution to revenues.

Says NXT’s Wayne Levine: “Return on investment is a fundamental requirement for any type of marketing, and iGlass is geared to deliver significant profits.”


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