Former Dimension Data CEO joins Gather Online as Chairman


Gather Online, a social discovery and messaging platform, today, 5 April 2018, announced former Dimension Data chief executive, Brett Dawson, will be joining its board of Directors as Chairman, accompanying his investment of ZAR10 million to support the company’s planned international expansion.

With South African-born founders, Gather Online, popularly known as Snapchat for groups, has developed an online communication service that allows users to achieve real engagement with communities of like-minded people.

“Gather Online enables people to shift from passively consuming content, as is often the case with existing social networks, to connecting with like-minded individuals and having meaningful conversations,” said David Price, Gather Online Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“It fills a real gap for engagement in the current social media landscape.”

International expansion

Price said the investment made by Dawson would support the company’s ambitious expansion plans.

Gather Online already has more than 40 000 daily active users with the most avid users having daily sessions exceeding 20 minutes.

“We believe there is a significant opportunity for a platform that encourages people to become more engaged with each other. On the other major platforms, a post only gets engagement from about 1% of people so 99% are passively consuming. Gather Online overcomes this by facilitating more fruitful communication which has a beginning and an end, like we have in real life.”

Price said the ZAR10 million investment by Dawson was part of a successful third seed funding round which has been expanded due to oversubscription. A further ZAR2 million out of R14 million is now available for investment.

“Funds will be used to improve the platform and to scale it to the levels that would interest Series A Venture Capital funds later this year.”


Gather Online has established a range of strategic business relationships to support its growth and increase awareness of the platform.

“Our platform allows organisations to leverage their supporters to reach and engage with new customers and supporters. So partnerships are a natural win-win,” said Price.

“We believe Gather Online will continue to attract new users and grow to become an important part of the evolving social media and communication space,” concludes Price.


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