FAMOCO announces partnership with Orange Cameroon


FAMOCO has announced a commercial partnership with Orange Cameroon.

Orange is using FAMOCO’s technology to accelerate the digitization of distribution in Africa by equipping agents in the field. The technology helps to better identify buyers, increase agent efficiency and address the problems of data theft and loss.

“Consumers in Africa do not have physical stores to purchase phones and pre-paid SIM cards. They are sold on the street in an indirect sales approach through a network of thousands of Orange agents. These agents need to be equipped with the right business tools to offer the best service to Orange customers,” Lionel Baraban, FAMOCO Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Orange Cameroon was not completely satisfied with existing tools. Smartphones on the market are designed for the general public and are not sufficiently secure for professional use. Users can install applications, games and access the Internet. This means data can be easily pirated or falsified and the phones are extremely coveted by thieves.

In its search for new sales tools, Orange Cameroon was seduced by the capabilities of the FAMOCO solution and its FX200 device. The device is secure, closed and fully customizable to meet business requirements. The FX200 has a large screen, suitable for mobile workers, that makes it easy to take notes and capture documents and data.

In addition, FAMOCO has a SaaS platform that allows the device configuration to be fully customized: installation of business applications, SMS, dialer, etc. Orange Cameroon can remotely control all devices deployed in the field, adjust their configuration and deploy new application updates when required.

“With the FX200, our agents have a native Orange application directly installed on the devices, and other sales related applications can only be installed remotely by the Orange administrator. In this way, we have full control of field agent devices,” says Souhaïb Deen Bangoura, Orange Cameroon Quality and Risk Control Director.

Today, mobile operators have a legal obligation to know the identity of their customers and to implement efficient KYC (Know your customer) identification processes. Until now, the obligation did not extend to prepaid SIM cards.

Now, the business application installed on the FX200 device can scan the buyer’s identity card and send the data to the Orange back office automatically.

The level of security is therefore optimal and the data cannot at any time be shared or compromised. The seller, who is rarely exclusively linked to Orange and has other commercial activities, cannot access it.


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