Entrecity connects entrepreneurs with key business markets


Entrepreneurship is tough but with the right mindset, the journey can generate new business ideas for job creation. 

The current entrepreneurial culture in Africa is vibrant with companies like Entrecity being launched to solve some of the most immenent challenges facing young business leaders.

A vast majority of Africans are choosing entrepreneurship as a new career opportunity.

The continent has the highest share in the world of adults starting or running new businesses at a rapid rate.

Bontle Moeng, BizNis Africa Founder and Managing Director sat down with two start-up entrepreneurs – Zunaid Ismail and Warren Fritz to discuss how they are creating an enterprise to assist new entrepreneurs. 

What is Entrecity and highlight some of its core functions

Entrecity is a multi-console business ecosystem designed to activate entrepreneur’s ideas and connect businesses.

The key features comprises of company registrations, domain registrations , hosting, an online store, tenders, social media and B2B promotions.

What impact does the ecosystem have?

The Entrecity ecosystem will assist community members to access information from a single point of reference, provide structure, process admin work and tap into relevant knowledge from various stakeholders.

What business challenge are you trying to resolve?

As a small, entrepreneurial business, we encountered multiple challenges along the way to assist in providing systemic structure to some of the processes, hereby assisting crucial business decisions for entrepreneurs.

There is a lot of information in the public but it’s not very useful. Some of it is scattered all over the Internet.

Our idea is to bring all of that into a single ecosystem.

We are trying to simplify the admin processes by providing a proper structure for entrepreneurs.

What does being part of 22 On Sloane mean for your business?

It’s a great learning opportunity as we acquire new knowledge daily.

We are constantly learning from our mistakes.

Being part of one of Africa’s biggest start-up campuses has been exciting, we’ve meet like-minded people who are actively chasing their dreams, developing solutions to tackle key challenges.

It also involves hard work.

What business challenges did you face while creating the online platform?

We had many including lack of finances, cyber threats, hackers and implementing wrong solutions.

How accessible is this ecosystem for Entrecity members and partners?

The system encompasses all kinds of business data, static or dynamic including 17 years of Forex figures.

What advice would you give new entrepreneurs eager to start their own business?

Our business philosophy is simple – create.

In the process, do no harm unto yourself, other beings and nature but create. Go for it.

On a practical level, don’t think about money, solve a society problem which you are passionate about.

If you passionate about it, there will be no room for having doubts.

Learn to run a lean, efficient business by bootstrapping as much as you can.

Overall enjoy the journey.



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