Endeavour Mining holds ceremony to mark the start of Houndé Construction


Endeavour Mining Corporation (EndeavourMining.com) is pleased to announce that a ground-breaking ceremony was held today at its Houndé Project site in Burkina Faso.

Construction began in April 2016 and is progressing on-time and on-budget with the first gold pour expected during the fourth quarter of 2017.

The ceremony celebrated an important milestone for both Endeavour and the government of Burkina Faso, as Houndé is expected to become the Company’s flagship low-cost mine and a prominent mine within the country.

More than 10 000 people attended the ceremony in support of the project, including the President of Burkina Faso, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Energy, Mines and Carriers, numerous other Government ministers, officials and diplomats, senior community representatives and members, as well as Endeavour’s executive management, its Chairman of the Board, and Houndé employees.

“We welcome Endeavour’s investment in Burkina Faso, and the company’s decision to make a long-term commitment to our country. This reflects the favourable investment environment that Burkina Faso has created for the mining sector, and is a strong signal of the future health of the gold mining industry in our country. The Houndé development will create hundreds of jobs, both directly in mining and also ancillary services, and the associated prosperity will raise living standards throughout the surrounding district. With the Houndé Project and the Karma mine, Endeavour Mining is becoming a key partner for our Country,” says Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, Burkina Faso President.

“We are extremely pleased with the advancement of the Houndé project, which demonstrates that the Houndé belt is amongst the world’s most prosperous gold mining regions. We look forward to continue to work closely with Endeavour and the surrounding communities as they bring this flagship project to life. Congratulations to everyone involved, I know the Houndé Mine will benefit the Tuy region for generations to come,” says Sébastien de Montessus, Endeavour Mining Chief Executive Officer.

“We are honored to share this important event with President Kaboré, his Prime Minister, his Minister of Energy, Mines and Carriers, and the numerous government representatives here in support of the Houndé project. This strong governmental presence demonstrates Houndé’s importance for both Endeavour and the country. The partnership between Endeavour and every level of government in Burkina Faso exemplifies our collaborative and local approach to building mines in West Africa. Burkina Faso is a key focus for Endeavour, and we are proud to be a contributor to the economy and to our communities,”says Alpha Oumar Dissa, Minister of Energy, Mines and Carriers.


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