EMC redefines global data protection services


EMC Corporation on 10 April 2014, announced new products and technologies that address the full continuum of data protection requirements facing users, both today and as they address the challenge of transitioning to software-defined data centres.

“Complexity around data protection in the enterprise is increasing, especially in light of the advancements for private, public and hybrid cloud implementation patterns. Successfully architecting and delivering an effective enterprise data protection infrastructure requires an end-to-end view of the enabling underlying infrastructure components with out-of-the-box integration, automation where possible. EMC is uniquely positioned to deliver the vision to the needs of large enterprises like BNY Mellon,” says Swamy Kocherlakota, Global Head of Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering, BNY Mellon.

“With innovations such as advanced support for VMware vCloud Suite and a new virtual edition of VPLEX, EMC’s data protection solutions are advancing the protection of cloud infrastructures and aligning closely to VMware’s cloud management vision and pathway to the software-defined enterprise,” says Sanjay Katyal, VMware Vice President for Global Strategic Alliance.

“Taken in sum, these comprehensive product announcements reflect EMC’s ability to address the full spectrum of data protection needs in customer environments. Delivery of Data Protection as-a-Service, together with the ability to solve for the full ‘continuum’ of protection requirements and consolidate workloads to a single protection storage platform, presents strong underpinnings for EMC’s long-range vision for data protection in next generation IT environments,” says Jason Buffington, Enterprise Strategy Group Senior Analyst.

“Over the past few years we’ve delivered numerous integrations that, together with a workload-agnostic protection storage platform as an anchor, provide a protection storage architecture. Today, we are announcing products and new integrations that enable customers to deliver a complete spectrum of data protection and availability capabilities as a holistic, consumable service. Data Protection-as-a-Service is a key tenant for establishing effective protection for software-defined data centres – a ‘bedrock’ that needs to be in place for organisations to confidently transition to third-platform software infrastructures,” concludes Sumash Singh, EMC Southern Africa Data Protection and Availability Division Senior Manager.


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