Denel, SA Air Force seal skills agreement


Denel and the South African Air Force (SAAF) have agreed on the future of a skills supply agreement which will result in the retention of 139 skilled positions.

Mike Kgobe, Denel Aviation CEO says he is delighted that an agreement has been finalised with the SAAF which will see the company continue to deliver vital maintenance services to the SAAF that form a cornerstone for continued airworthiness and the upkeep of air assets.

“This is a win-win situation for both Denel and the SAAF which is indicative of the mature and strategic relationship that exists between the two organisations which was reinforced through the cooperation agreement concluded between the two organisations in 2012,” he says.

A Service Level Agreement is being finalised between the parties that will be compliant to both National Treasury and Legislative prescripts.

Kgobe says the 139 positions retained were identified in terms of the skills requirements by the SAAF which would be complemented by SAAF’s own capability.

“This is indeed a breakthrough. With this solution we are able to ensure that the jobs of some of our employees across a number of categories and locations are retained with the requisite order cover.”

The remainder of the workforce will unfortunately be retrenched at the end of March 2013 in terms of the provisions of the Labour Relations Act. Denel has met with affected employees across the SAAF bases, squadrons and units to explain the situation and the processes to be followed. Denel has further committed to assist with seeking job opportunities for the affected employees both within the Denel Group and the broader market.

Mr Kgobe says the agreement will strengthen the excellent working relationship between Denel and the SAAF and will result in the retention of high-level critical skills, a focused service delivery and cost savings to the SAAF.

Kgobe expressed his appreciation to all parties who contributed to the positive outcome of the consultations, including the SAAF, Denel and Organised Labour.


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