Cisco and IBM join forces to tackle cybercrime


Cisco and IBM Security today, 31 May 2017,  announced they are working together to address the growing global threat of cybercrime. In a new agreement, Cisco and IBM Security will work closer together across products, services and threat intelligence for the benefit of customers.

“In cybersecurity, taking a data-driven approach is the only way to stay ahead of the threats impacting your business,” says Bill Heinrich, BNSF Railway Chief Information Security Director.

“Cisco and IBM working together greatly increases our team’s ability to focus on stopping threats versus making disconnected systems work with each other. This more open and collaborative approach is an important step for the industry and our ability to defend ourselves against cybercrime.”


“Cisco’s architectural approach to security allows organisations to see a threat once, and stop it everywhere. By combining Cisco’s comprehensive security portfolio with IBM Security’s operations and response platform, Cisco and IBM bring best-of-breed products and solutions across the network, endpoint and cloud, paired with advanced analytics and orchestration capabilities,” says David Ulevitch, Cisco Security SVP and General Manager.

“IBM has long been a proponent of open collaboration and threat sharing in cybersecurity,” says Marc van Zadelhoff, IBM Security General Manager.

“With Cisco joining our immune system of defence, joint customers will greatly expand their ability to enhance their use of cognitive technologies like IBM Watson for Cybersecurity. Also, having our IBM X-Force and Cisco Talos teams collaborating is a tremendous advantage for the good guys in the fight against cybercrime.”


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