Business Insider South Africa surpasses a million users


Following its launch at the end of February, Business Insider South Africa has already become the third largest financial website and one of the top 25 websites in the country.

In March, the site had 1.4 million unique visitors and generated more than 4.2 million page views, according to Effective Measure.

Business Insider, launched in partnership with Media24, is one of the fastest-growing news platforms in the world, with more than 350 million users worldwide. Its brand of fast and informative digital storytelling has resonated with an ambitious audience in South Africa.

Business Insider South Africa offers a unique mix of local content, combining coverage of domestic innovation and corporate strategy with the latest in lifestyle and executive management.

Since its launch, the website has covered stokvels, local corporate drama, investment research, career advancement, business opportunities, drones, cycling, and much more.

In line with Business Insider’s proud tradition of consumer journalism, it has also assisted South Africans in finding the best chicken wings and takeaway coffee.


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