Brand Council South Africa appoints new Chairman


The election of Ivan Moroke, CEO of TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, as chairman of the Brand Council of South Africa (BCSA), will mark a new drive for the body to position itself as a primary player that is adding value, educating and connecting people across all sectors involved in creating and building brands.

Moroke, who joined the BCSA board as a co-opted member in March 2013, assumed the position of chairman on 01 October 2013. He will hold the position for two years and brings to the position 20 years of experience within marketing, client and agency advertising, marketing consulting, branding, and brand leadership. Moroke is also currently Vice Chairperson of the ACA and Vice Chairperson of the APEX awards.

Dr Carla Enslin, Academic Head at The Independent Institute of Education’s Vega School of Brand Leadership, and a Teaching Fellow at UCT’s Graduate School of Business, was appointed Deputy Chair, a role to which she will bring to bear many years of experience in identity design and contact strategy to support Moroke’s introduction of the strategy to broaden the influence of the BCSA.

“I am honoured to be a member of a council that upholds and promotes this goal and will support my council portfolio on education to create awareness and better recognition for all the educational players in the South African brand space. By doing so, we will be able to spotlight rewarding careers open to our talented young professionals,” said Enslin.

Moroke said that the role of the Brand Council of South Africa is to place brands, as well as the art and science of branding in its broadest sense, at the centre of all industry activities surrounding brands across South Africa.
“BCSA’s core belief is that brands have the ability to create value. To live up to this belief and work towards our objective of making brands the core for the creation of value meant devising a unifying strategy that took into account the ‘branding status quo’ in existence so that we could build a new platform going forward,” said Moroke.

“To achieve this, BCSA undertook an all-inclusive survey to inform our strategic deliberations. The comprehensive Brand Barometer Survey involved more than 300 senior executives in the brand marketing industry and a sample of brand owners responsible for an estimated R8 billion in marketing spend.

“The survey revealed that focused activities were urgently required to keep brand issues at the centre of all industry deliberations. Four pillars were identified for action, said Moroke. These were based on the belief that:

• There was a need for connecting and collaborating with other brand related disciplines across the branding value chain such as brand research, brand communication, brand design and brand strategists as well as ‘non-brand’ related stakeholders;

• BCSA should endorse relevant educational programmes and share tools and information to expand educational offerings and attract new talent to the broader branding industry;

• Building value for branding as a discipline should be encouraged by promoting the ‘language of Return On Investment’ within the branding industry as a whole, by sharing successful case studies and measuring the industry’s performance;

• Inspiration should play a major part in encouraging awareness and activity around brands by using forward thinking and sharing innovative practices and content to create visible thought leadership for the overall benefit of the industry;

“I am grateful that the board of BCSA has entrusted me with the leadership of the organisation at this critical phase of its development.

“I am confident that we have set a solid strategic base for the future and must now concentrate on action and delivery.

“There is no doubt that by using the resources available, and also by co-opting people from across the various disciplines within the industry, that we will be able to deliver on our promise- namely using the central role of branding and building brands as a rallying point for the industry.

“There are exciting times ahead for the BCSA and those involved in all facets of branding and brand building in South Africa,” said Moroke.

Fellow board members elected include:

• Switch – Gaby de Abreu
• The Brand Union – Janet Kinghorn
• Yellowwood – David Blyth
• ACA – Odette van der Haar
• Brand Leadership – Thebe Ikalafeng
• HKLM – Sean McCoy
• Xfacta – Nick Schilperoort (new member)
• Interbrand Sampson De Villiers – Anton Krugel (new member)
• Grid – Paul Hinch (new member)
• Columinate – Henk Pretorius (new member)
• GIBS – Nicola Kleyn (new member)
• Donald Liphoko – GCIS (new member)

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