ATNS seals deal with RVA in Kinshasa


The Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) SOC and the DRC Regie Des Voies Aeriennes (RVA) signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Kinshasa on 19 February 2014.

The two entities have been involved in structured but exploratory meetings since early last year and a number of potential areas for collaboration aimed at strengthening relations between the two organizations, were discussed at length.

The MoU includes a number of technology enhancing initiatives around the Communications, Navigations and Surveillance (CNS) systems and Training.

The Head of the ATNS delegation and Board Chairperson, Mpho Mamashela said that ATNS will assist the RVA by using its experience and leading technologies.

“This agreement must be seen within the context of building vital aviation infrastructure that must unlock and stimulate economic activity, by contributing to a safe, efficient and reliable transport infrastructure within our respective countries.”

In response, the RVA CEO, Emile Bongeli said that the signing of the MoU showed RVA’s confidence in ATNS’s expertise and knowledge, in assisting in various capacity building measures.

“The spirit of this MoU must be to leverage the capabilities and expertise of ATNS in assisting RVA enhance its systems, processes and personnel skills, and by so doing, rehabilitate critical CNS infrastructure, the ATM Systems and by extension, provide for safer skies over the DRC and the continent as a whole” he concluded.

Looking beyond the MoU, the Commercial Service Executive at ATNS, Dumisani Sangweni mentioned that this agreement represented a milestone in furthering ATNS’s strategic objectives, that of focusing on the needs and expectations of the Air Traffic Management (ATM) community in the African continent.

“RVA is an important strategic partner, given its geographic position and vast airspace within its Flight Information Region (FIR). We envisage that this MoU will unlock a series of initiatives and projects that will help strengthen the CNS Infrastructure and ATM systems in our respective countries, and on the continent as a whole.”

While ATNS’ primary business focus remains air traffic management and aviation safety for South Africa, the company’s scope has grown to extend beyond the country’s borders and this enables the company to respond efficiently to global challenges, while providing the local aviation industry with air traffic management solutions, that rank among the safest in the world.

The South African Deputy Ambassador in the DRC, Minister Msindo Maswanganye, said that no agreement be should signed and left to gather dust.

“Implementation should happen immediately” he maintained.

“The Deputy Ambassador went on to say that “this is a practical and focused agreement that is underpinned by constructive projects.”

ATNS Executives

ATNS Commercial Services Executive: Dumisani Sangweni; ATNS BD Manager: Lwazi Janda; SA Deputy Ambassador in DRC: Msindo Maswanganye; ATNS CFO: William Ndlovu and SA Embassy DRC First Secretary (Political); Thabo Seotlo

ATNS signs aviation deal

Emmanuel Sabiti; RVA Deputy CEO: Eddy Kuyengula; RVA CEO: Emile Bongeli; SA Deputy Ambassador in DRC: Msindo Maswanganye and ATNS Chairman: Mpho Mamashela


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