ATNS CEO officially hands-over ICT infrastructure at Mgezeni High School


ATNS is proud to be associated with Mgezeni High School.

The school has over the past five years achieved over 95% matric pass rate.

The ICT Infrastructure will go a long way in assisting learners with subjects such as Mechanical Technology, Electrical Technology and Civil Technology, that were added to school’s curriculum a few years ago.

ATNS is privileged to be part of a collective that includes our shareholder – the National Department of Transport, The Provincial Department of Education, Airports Company of South Africa and other stakeholders present here today – who have an unwavering quest to see Mgezeni High School achieve 100% pass rate come end of 2016.

Since the advent of democracy, government has made education its top priority. Education is seen as a fundamental tool which plays a critical role in addressing socio-economic challenges within communities. ATNS Management is fully behind government initiatives that seek to develop skills and knowledge within our communities.

ICT infrastructure roll-out

ATNS has adopted the promotion of mathematics and physical science as its flagship project. This project will increase the pool of mathematics and science learners that ATNS may attract and train as Air Traffic Controllers.

Over and above, the Mathematics and Science flagship project will enhance the performance of mathematics and science learners in disadvantaged rural schools (such as Mgezeni High) across the country. The beneficiary target will be learners in Grade 10-12. Very critical is the utilization of technology (ICT) to improve learning by providing learners with access to online Mathematics and Science lessons

ATNS will be rolling out this flagship project across the country over 3-5 financial years, starting in the 2016/17 financial year.

To date, ATNS has provided ICT Infrastructure in five provinces. KZN in 2013, Mpumalanga and Northern Cape in 2015 and recently in Limpopo. Later in the year we will be in the EC, NW and FS provinces.

ATNS is also looking into (the feasibility of) sponsoring a winter school project for Grade 10-12s. It will be a pilot project in a single province and reviewed for implementation nationally, depending on its success. First intake would cater for Grade 10s to ensure that we properly provide good foundation for the expected outcomes. Partnership with specialist Mathematics and Science Tutor companies will be explored to facilitate these sessions across the country.

We are also intending to sponsor Teacher Development Training Programmes (TDTP) in Mathematics and Science in conjunction with Department of Basic Education (DBE). If all goes according to plan, Mathematics and Science educators from our beneficiary schools will attend TDTPs. At the end of the training, it is envisaged, the educators will spend the day at the ATNS Aviation Training Academy for Aviation exposure which they can easily translate and motivate the learners in this regard.

ICT facilities will go a long way to narrow the digital divide between rural and urban schools.



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