ANA launches global PR Wire website to boost Africa’s business


The African News Agency (ANA) on 23 August 2017, launched the ANA PR Wire information service that allows business, organisations and individuals to share their news releases instantaneously with millions around the world.

“This service propels Africa into newsrooms and boardrooms. We are providing African businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs with a tool that moves them into the global spotlight. Our cutting-edge information dissemination platform empowers Africans to share their own news as frequently and as affordably as possible,” said Grant Fredericks, ANA Chief Executive Officer. 

The easy-to-use and cloud-based ANA PR Wire is free and visible to access, view and use press releases. Anyone can register and receive the information they are interested in at no cost.

“We have been trying to build something special that we thought would give the rest of the world, the opportunity to hear African voices and the beauty of our services is that it can be used as a free-to-view, cost-effective subscription platform,” said Fredericks.

The service is also affordable to any businesses and organisations who want to publish their information. The technology enables contributors to upload their own news, pictures and data effectively, providing them with global brand exposure via ANA’s African and international news partnerships.

“This PR wire service that we are launching speaks to our goals of wanting to take Africa to the rest of the world and show them what we are capable of. In the design and operation of the platform, there is a lot of pride in what we have been able to achieve. We are looking forward to watching this particular leg of the ANA operation grow and to see it succeed,” said Lindiz van Zilla, ANA Editor-in-Chief.

“The world needs more information about Africa’s aspiration: our start-ups, local entrepreneurs and the many exciting and high-potential development initiatives on our continent. Africa is rising and the ANA PR Wire empowers Africans, from all countries, to share their own news with an international audience,” said Melanie Cheary, ANA Head of News and Content.

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Shaun Kemp, ANA Head of Sales and Marketing, Grant Fredericks, ANA Chief Executive Officer and Lindiz van Zille, ANA Editor in Chief

Grant Fredericks, ANA Chief Executive Officer

African News Agency (ANA)


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