Why Cook menus reflect home style African cuisines


As corporate companies prepare to celebrate their hardwork and achievements during this festive season, Why Cook, the exclusive home style cooked food catering company is preparing to serve the eager employees attending Christmas parties and corporate functions.

Established in 2014, Why Cook is a female business started by Mathapelo Montsho and Yolanda Nomoyi, who for years have had a passion for the culinary industry.

Why Cook proudly provides extensive menu options (food), to ensure that each customer has the perfect event.

“We continue to bring unsurpassed culinary quality and creativity to our corporate and individual clientele. Located in Johannesburg, we specialise in creating home-styled cooking with respect to a local and sustainable ingredient philosophy, while always tailoring our services to the specific needs for individuals, families and corporate catering around Johannesburg,” says Yolanda Nomoyi, Executive Chef aka Food-Diva.

Why Cook menus reflect the varying tastes and dietary requests, whether vegetarians, vegans or meat lovers.

“Although many companies can deliver a meal, it is how we prepare, produce and present that sets us apart. We offer salads, sandwiches, cooked meals, frozen meals, finger food and bakery, beverages either deliver or to go. We do deliver anywhere and anytime,” says Mathapelo Montsho, Chef aka Food-Fixer.

Why Cook caters for home needs, parties, birthdays, baby showers, cocktail receptions and weddings.  We also cater schools, universities, coffee breaks, staff meals in the premises, lunch breaks delivery order, corporate banquets and meetings.

For more information visit www.whycook.co.za


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