Ralph Mupita


Ralph Mupita has been the Chief Executive Officer of Old Mutual Life Assurance Company in South Africa since February 2012.

Mupita served as the Director of Special Growth Projects for Old Mutual Life Assurance Company.

Mupita joined Old Mutual in 2000, he was seconded to Old Mutual Zimbabwe where he worked on a strategy project that led to re-structuring several functional areas within Old Mutual Properties in Zimbabwe.

Upon his return from Zimbabwe, Mupita, re-joined Old Mutual South Africa in July 2001 and looked after the strategy and business planning functions for Individual Life.

A key responsibility in this role was the Vision 2002 Programme, from October 2002 to October 2003, he became responsible for customer development for the retail middle market business in personal finance, from October 2003 to October 2004, he was responsible for Group Direct Sales, Old Mutual’s direct marketing and sales business unit, as well as retail Customer Management.

He served as Managing Director of Old Mutual Unit Trusts since October 2004 and also served as its Director of Special Growth Projects.

He has been Executive Director at Old Mutual Life Assurance Company South Africa since April 2011.

He served as Director of Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd, since May 2011.

Mupita holds BSc in Engineering (Hones), with construction projects in South Africa and completed his MBA at the University of Cape Town.


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