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Eric Heutinck, CEO, Philips Maghreb

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Royal Philips, a global lighting company, on 13 May 2014, unveiled the spectacular illumination of Algeria’s iconic Maqam Echahid with its latest LED lighting technology, boosting the beautification of the city of Algiers and cutting energy consumption by 75%.

Philips is showcasing its LED lighting solutions in Algeria as part of the fifth consecutive pan-African Cairo to Cape Town Roadshow, (

By making a stopover in Algeria for the second consecutive year, Philips underlines its commitment to enhance life in Africa by improving energy efficiency in Algeria.

LED lighting solutions improve energy performance in public spaces

“The spectacular lighting of Maqam Echahid demonstrates the incredible advances that are being made in the efficiency and beauty of LED illumination”, says Eric Heutinck, CEO, Philips Maghreb.

“LED lighting innovations provide completely new opportunities to policy makers and governments to enhance city beautification and at the same time contribute to energy saving. We are extremely proud to see how Philips’ lighting solutions are contributing to improving the attractiveness of this stunning independence monument while reducing energy consumption in Algiers.”

Shedding new light on Algeria’s independence monument

Philips, the global leader in lighting, is placing LED technology at the service of one of the most important landmarks in Algeria. Located in Algiers and inaugurated in 1982 on the 20th anniversary of Algeria’s independence, Maqam Echahid is by far the most popular attraction in the city, with thousands of tourists visiting it annually. The spectacular Philips LED lighting is likely to further improve the tourism value of the monument.

Lower energy consumption and breathtaking views of Maqam Echahid

Today LED lighting can deliver very high energy efficiency, long life, and excellent quality of light, design flexibility, controllability and colour, all of which are essential to creating tailor-made solutions that are configured to meet the local customer’s expectations.
For the Maqam Echahid monument, Philips used a total of 9 luminaires, combining red, blue and green in each single luminaire which provides an endless spectrum of colors to highlight the features of this architectural masterpiece.

The advantages of the LED lighting installed at Maqam Echahid include:

⁻ The installed capacity of the lighting system is just 2.6 kW, compared to almost 10.8 kW previously, reducing energy consumption by 75%.
– Dynamic lighting that makes it possible to adjust the atmosphere of the site (change of intensity and color).
– A longer lifespan of the installation, around 100 000 hours compared to 12 000 hours with conventional lighting.
– A reduction in maintenance costs: LED luminaires require little maintenance.
Philips’ strengthens Algeria’s ambition to improve energy efficiency

Algeria has created a green momentum, by launching an ambitious program to develop renewable energies and promote energy efficiency.

Through combining initiatives and the acquisition of knowledge, Algeria is engaged in a new age of sustainable energy use. Philips’ innovative LED lighting solutions tie in greatly with Algeria’s ambition to improve energy performance in public spaces.

The fifth pan-African Cairo to Cape Town roadshow

After the launch in Cairo, Algeria is the second stop on Philips’ annual flagship Cairo to Cape Town roadshow, from 14 April to 3 September 2014, which focuses on key challenges facing Africa today – the need for energy-efficient lighting and the revitalization of African healthcare infrastructure.

Philips has committed to lighting up and illuminating one iconic monument in every city visited during the roadshow with the latest LED technology. As the number one LED lighting company in the world, Philips will now provide a stunning lighting makeover of historic, well-recognized monuments in African cities.

The Roadshow will make its way across seven countries and ten cities in Africa, next stop will be in Casablanca, Morocco on the 27 May 2014.

Maqam Echahid

Maqam Echahid redefines Algiers skyline with spectacular Philips LED digital lighting

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