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Kwikspace Modular Buildings

A province rich in minerals, with profitable investment opportunities, the Northern Cape is seeing mining developments gain ground both literally and figuratively.

In fact, in order to further expand on the mining industry at present, an entire town situated in this province’s borders is being relocated to allow for such expansion.

Making a remarkable contribution to this process is Africa’s manufacturer of prefabricated buildings, Kwikspace Modular Buildings (Kwikspace).

The town, formerly known as Sishen was renamed Dingleton in 1990 and was originally established in the early 1950s to accommodate local miners working at Sishen Mine, a large iron mine which represents one of the largest iron ore reserves in the country.

Although the area has significant potential for further iron ore mining, it has been limited by the fact that the town of Dingleton is situated a mere 500m away from the mine’s open-pit boundary, which is the minimum required blasting distance from human settlements according to legislation. It is for this reason; to allow for mining in the buffer zone that the community is being relocated to the Northern Cape town of Kathu, approximately 30km away.

Further supporting the reasoning behind the relocation is that residents’ quality of life was negatively affected due to the proximity of the mining activity. In addition, investment in the town subsided as the prospect of resettlement had originally been put on the table over 20 years ago. Following this, businesses vacated the area, leaving little room for growth potential apart from mining.

The processes which have been followed in order to reach the point of relocation have been extensive and have involved input from the community. Now that the ball is rolling and to ensure the most efficient move takes place, also considering the housing needs of the construction team involved, building solutions that are speedily completed are essential to the success thereof.

Having successfully completed numerous large scale accommodation projects throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, Kwikspace has earned its reputation as a reliable and highly competent supplier of rapidly deployed buildings and thus was contracted to supply prefabricated housing in Kathu for the construction team involved with the town relocation.

Kwikspace is thus currently involved with the erection of a 1 000 person camp which includes the supply of 129 prefabricated accommodation units as well as a kitchen and diner measuring 1 464 m², a mobile recreation building measuring 164 m², 20 change rooms and ablution units and two site offices measuring 141 m² each. The prefab housing project was initiated in mid-March and Kwikspace anticipates completion of the camp by the end of June 2014.

Due to the robust nature of Kwikspace’s products which are manufactured using polyurethane panels, the construction team can look forward to comfortable accommodation as temperatures are excellently controlled, noise is reduced and the ingress of dust, water and insects is prevented.

Comments Roberto Campos, Sales Executive for Kwikspace Modular Buildings, “Although this is a massive project, we fortunately have over 40 years’ experience on our side which makes the magnitude thereof less daunting and more exciting. We are confident that our contribution to this project will have a positive impact on the developments of the mining industry in this area.”

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