New plug all mobile money service PayDunya launches in Africa


PayDunya have developed a ubiquitous and universal solution that allows to plug all mobile money services to make online payments for African e-merchants/startups and Western e-merchants who want to get paid by their African customers.

PayDunya is currently avaible in West Africa and allows payment from Orange Money and Vitfè wallet, also from the fund transfer service Joni Joni and all credit/debit cards (VISA/MasterCard/GIM-UEMOA).

It also allows users to get paid and make even online sales without having their own website with the Clic and Pay.

We provide our solutions for all e-merchants and startups who want to use the power of mobile money services to provide other services.

For this, PayDunya provide one only API that allows e-merchants anywhere in the world to accept payment from all Africa mobile money wallets and credit/debit cards, so they can use it to get paid by their customers or to provide other financial services.

We also provide Clic and Pay that allows make sales on social networks and get paid eassily.

For all of our solutions we provide Pay On Delivery option, that allows emerchant/good saler customers confirm their payments on delivery or abort it if they are not satisfied.

In Africa, we have not suitable online payment solution, because more than 80% of people don’t have bank account, but everybody have at least one feature phone.

All mobile network suscribers are eligible to have mobile money account and actually we have more than 60% of population who use mobile money in some countries.

Mobile money provide access to financial services for unbanked population (80%) in Africa but there are not ONE only universal online payment solution in Africa.


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