Grindrod Bank clarifies SASSA card expiry date concern


Grindrod Bank is pleased to announce that, in cooperation with the Payment Association of South Africa (PASA) and MasterCard, it has successfully completed testing and received industry confirmation from all the Acquiring Banks that they can and will continue to accept SASSA cards whose printed expiry date is the 31 December 2017.

Grindrod Bank therefore does not expect any impact on SASSA card processing, and has asked PASA to communicate the same to merchant and retailer forums with whom it interacts. 

Grindrod Bank similarly requests all merchants to accept these SASSA cards at their points of presence as they have now been successfully tested by all MasterCard Acquirers.

Grindrod Bank remains mindful of the public concern raised in regard to expiry dates on SASSA cards, and would like to re-assure its cardholders and the public that Grindrod Bank issued SASSA cards will continue to function post the expiry date without any negative impact.


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