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May 19th, 2016
Emeke E Iweriebor

Emeke E Iweriebor

Emeke E Iweriebor, United Bank for Africa Executive Director

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Emeke E. Iweriebor has about two decades experience in banking and financial services and is currently Directorate Head, Lagos and West.

Iweriebor holds a BSc and MSc in Political Science (International Relations) as well as an MBA from the University of Lagos.

He is also an alumnus of the Wharton Business School’s Executive Development Program.

Prior to this role, he was the Deputy CEO, UBA Africa, with responsibility for building the Bank’s business and governance in UBA country subsidiaries in Africa.

He was also CEO, UBA CES Africa, the Bank’s country subsidiaries in Central, East and Southern Africa and before then, the pioneer MD/CEO of UBA Cameroon.

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