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Amorphous New Media announces the launch of its new digital publishing division to enable clients to offer enhanced versions of their publications.

Digital agency Amorphous New Media today introduced Amorphous Digital Publishing, its digital publishing arm that will focus on offering content producers and consumers an enhanced experience of traditionally print publications.

Amorphous Digital Publishing is one of only two Adobe Digital Publishing Suite accredited agencies in Africa and is uniquely positioned to offer customers a high standard of digital publishing products.

Digital publishing creates magazines, catalogues, sales tools, annual reports and internal communication publications that have immersive and engaging experiences built into the product to make the reader’s experience more interesting.

The content offered in a digital publication can be far more exciting than just written copy. Additional video interviews, bigger picture features and interactive polls are some of the ways in which readers are able to engage with a digital publication.

Conde Nast has found that the average reader spends 60 minutes reading a monthly digital publication, and with 1.5 million tablets sold in South Africa in 2013, and 195 million tablets sold globally; there is enormous potential to engage with customers in this exciting space.

The feedback data provided by digital platforms means that companies and publishers have in-depth statistical data about their readers, enabling them to continually produce more accurately targeted content to keep readers engaged.

Amorphous Digital Publishing is committed to helping businesses and publishers alike who are looking to create innovative digital solutions for their respective markets.

Digital publishing also offers unique cost saving and profit-producing opportunities. The elimination of printing costs means that distribution is not limited by physical copies and there are opportunities to monetize digital publications through download or subscription fees and advertising.

Amorphous Digital Media offers publishing solutions across a number of different sectors, including corporate and marketing magazines, retail and business catalogues, sales tools, annual reports and client facing communications.

Corporate magazines and marketing communications

In the corporate and marketing magazine sector, Amorphous Digital Publishing offers clients the opportunity to create beautiful interactive business magazines with full screen galleries, videos and audio. Advertisers also benefit from highly interactive adverts that can link directly to external websites.

Amorphous digital offering can be used for customer relationship management (CRM) magazines, membership magazines and brochures.

Retail and business catalogues and sales tools

With no space limitations, digital publications offer companies the opportunity to show customers their full catalogue, giving them a more comprehensive perspective of the products and ranges available. Interactive features, such as options to view different colours and styles of a particular product, demonstrate the full range of a sales catalogue and drive revenue by plugging into existing CRM and sales solutions.

This form of digital publishing can be effectively used for retail catalogues, e-commerce enabled catalogues, sales presentations and product specification sheets.

Annual reports and client facing communications

Amorphous Digital Publishing can create sophisticated showcases for companies and deliver a more personalised experience for shareholders and stakeholders. Communications could include personalised video messaging, creative graphs and more detailed reports, all of which is additional content that is difficult to provide in print.

The digital solution offered by the new Amorphous division can be implemented for annual reports, quarterly investment reviews, sustainability reports and asset manager portfolio reports.

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